Crystal Sparkles Readings
Crystal Sparkles Readings


For my readings I am currently using several very differnet decks  -


The Enchanted Map Orarcle by Collette Baron-Reid, I love the imagery in this beautiful deck and have found that it gives the sort of positive guidance that I can relate to and work with!


The Faulkner Tarot - By Rhiannon Faulkner The first modern photographic Tarot Deck, this wonderful deck contains imagery we can all relate to and provides wonderfully accurate readings , I love working with this amazing deck! This is my go to deck and remains by my side whenever I am working.



The Angel Tarot  - By Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine, A beautiful deck which does soften the tarot messages a little, perfect if you find the standard tarot a little harsh or scary in it imagery, although do please note , although I will be honest I am not here to scare anyone and my readings are always aimed at the positive, that said this is a nice gentle deck.


The Energy Oracle - by Sandra Anne Taylor  - Beautiful Oracle deck with awsome illustration, very positive encouraging deck with a lovely energy. Perfect for life purpose readings .


I also work with several other oracle decks, angel decks and animal decks, if you would like there ecorporated into your reading feel free to ask.


I will never tell you what to do, or predict a certain future as I believe we all have the power to create our own futures and shape the lives we want for ourselves. I do hope to provide some insight though and give you some ideas on how to work towards the future you want for yourself!


I also work with crystals and also with the pendulum.


Please do check out my facebook page and my twitter@crystalsparkly I post daily cards and crystals on both to give daily positive thoughts and guidance. I will also be starting regular Periscope broadcasts this year , so check me out on twitter to be part of that!


I also have my own you tube channel you can find me there offering daily cards, deck reviews and lots of other bits and bobs.


Please note that by purchasing a reading you are agreeing to the terms of my disclaimer, Thank you.

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